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There is no general definition for a carrier bag, but we define it as a durable, visually attractive, and environmentally friendly bag for carrying purchased items.

Depending on the design and the order quantity, the offset or the digital printing method is used to print on printing sheets for the bags, which are then inserted into an automated bag production line. These are then folded and glued in key locations and handles are placed on both sides. It is quite fascinating how, at the end of the process, a sheet of paper, paper rope, and some glue turn into a perfect paper bag that comes out of the machine – a Prima Bag.

Depending on the design or quantity, prints are made on individual printing sheets made from environmentally friendly paper using offset printing or digital printing.

The paper is purchased from renowned European paper manufacturers holding an FSC and/or PEFC certificate.

We use a mixture of recycled and new paper fibres. It is generally estimated that the paper used for our production purposes can be recycled 4–6 times before it is finally discarded.

It depends. If you choose brown KRAFT paper as the base material (unprocessed, uncoloured), our bags are biodegradable and can be discarded into a biodegradable waste container after use.

Of course. Our production facility is located at Brnčičeva 31 in Ljubljana.


A lot. The only restriction are the dimensions.

You can download a design template from our website, on the basis of which you can create your dream bag in your preferred graphic design software. 


You can use Pantone or CMYK colours.

We will. Your satisfaction comes first. This is why our design team will check your designs and highlight any deficiencies before submitting them for printing. If necessary, the team will also help you in the process.

Yes. You can hire our design team to work with you on preparing a perfect paper bag. Send us an enquiry and ask for this additional service.

Sizes are currently available:

– small bag S (24 x 10 x 24 cm)
– medium bag M (24 x 10 x 35 cm)
– large bag L (32 x 16 x 42 cm)
– Take away bag (32 x 16 x 27 cm)

Yes, but only if you order 100,000 pieces or more.


Once the final quantity and format are agreed upon and the bag design is approved, our adviser will send you a quote to be paid immediately. After it is confirmed that the payment has been received, your order will proceed to the production phase.

All orders are usually processed within 4–6 business days after receiving payment. If larger quantities are ordered or if our sales capacities are exceptionally occupied, your order will take us an extra day or two. In any case, you will be notified of the planned delivery deadline in the quote.

Please contact our sales representative.


Currently, only payments via bank transfer are possible.

No. Your order will not proceed to the production phase until we receive your payment to our bank account. Payment upon delivery is only possible if your company is a customer of Prima IP, makes regular payments, and does not have any outstanding debts.


The delivery costs cannot be estimated in advance as they depend on the quantity, available capacities, and even the time of the year. Based your enquiry, we will also provide you with a quote for the most affordable transport, if necessary.

Your order will not proceed to the production phase until we receive the payment for your order. Payment upon delivery is only possible for our existing customers.

We work with multiple logistics companies. If so agreed, we also occasionally perform the delivery ourselves.

We deliver to all EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania.

Orders are delivered to most locations in the countries to which we deliver within 4–7 business days. In Slovenia, deliveries are usually made within 1-2 business days.